The Problem

The biggest problem we face in the Ecuadorian Amazon is the continuing extraction of natural resources and the fossil fuel industry. These practices lead to further deforestation and force our now marginalised communities to move away from their ancestral territories where they face discrimination and poverty as new, and often unwilling, urban dwellers.Through enabling community-based economic initiatives we think that we can help to change this destructive cycle and generate positive social change while protecting our territories and the planet. In order to accomplish our mission we wish to work integrally, from the bottom up, in four fundamental areas: Education, Health, the Generation of Sustainable Income, and Advocacy.

The Hakhu Project

Hahku, which means let’s go in Kichwa, is an organization that is dedicated to promoting sustainable development projects in league with small indigenous communitieswithinthe Ecuadorian Amazon. The idea of founding The Hakhu Project came from years of working in advocacy with indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Our communities face imminent threats from transnational companies and governmental departments over the demand for, and extraction of, our natural resources. We have collaboratively created a grassroots indigenous organization in order to directly implement local programs and projects to help mitigate these threats.

Hakhu is and indigenous led organization supporting women empowerment across the Amazon. 

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to empower indigenous communities in order to protect our rainforests and ancestral knowledge for future generations. As our first project, we have chosen to create Hakhu Amazon Design. This initiative aims to provide a unique opportunity to indigenous women in the Ecuadorian Amazon and beyond to utilise our cultural and artistic heritage in such a way as to protect our territories while providing them with a sustainable source of income through selling unique bespoke handcrafts via an online platform.

  • Empowering Impact

    Hakhu Amazon Design has generated artisanal capacity for more than 200 indigenous women across three provinces in the Ecuadorian Amazon, creating jobs and providing income for families and their children who now face less pressure to leave their territories in search of employment. Hakhu Amazon Design has now launched its very first collection, combining traditional and contemporary art.

    We want to share our vision with other people, communities and organisations around the world. We seek further recognition of the importance of protecting the Amazon rainforest and the artistic and cultural heritage of indigenous people. The sustainability of this project is already crucial for the livelihood of 200 families. We hope that this figure continues to grow.